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Angela Grace Caine
Attorney at Law

Angela is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and the Cumberland School of Law. Her studies included comparative law at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, undergraduate studies at the University of Regensburg, Germany and tax law at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Prior to entering law school, Angela worked in Washington, D.C., for U.S. Senator H. John Heinz (R-Pa.) in the office of the Press Secretary. She has accumulated multiple awards including “Best in Bar” for immigration law as well as numerous awards in advocacy while in law school.  

Angela is an experienced trial lawyer and has tried cases in many courtrooms in Alabama as well as throughout the southeast.  

Angela Grace Caine


                 USA: +1 (205) 249-1694

                 DE: +49 1521 529 6119

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